About Us

Inteligex is developing proprietary stem cell-based therapeutics to restore function in patients with spinal cord injury (commonly referred to as SCI) — a devastating condition for which there is no effective therapy — and for other diseases of the Central Nervous System. Successful outcomes from the development program would position Inteligex as the first in the world with a treatment affecting hundreds of thousand patients worldwide.

Inteligex’s proprietary regenerative stem cell therapies address both acute and chronic forms of SCI and are the culmination of over 15 years of work on stem cells for SCI in the academic laboratory of Dr. Michael Fehlings at the Krembil Research Institute (KRI) of the University Health Network (UHN).

A personalized approach to treating the condition of SCI requires a multi-faceted clinical process including diagnosis and prediction of disease progression together with techniques to address the unique characteristics of each injury. As such, Inteligex is developing state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions that allow for the accurate prediction of disease progression along with biomaterial strategies that, when combined with stem cell therapy, will provide a personalized treatment approach for SCI.

While Inteligex’s primary focus is on acute and chronic forms of SCI, Inteligex is confident that its stem cell technology can be applied to other diseases of the CNS including ALS, MS and stroke.

Inteligex’s Mission

Inteligex’s technologies are designed to facilitate meaningful functional recovery for patients with SCI by allowing a greater independence from assisted living and promoting improved quality of life. A reduction in both hospital-based and community care costs will generate a “Willingness to Pay” from single payer and insurance-based health care funders, which will allow stem cell technology to enter the multiple billion-dollar SCI market. This has long-term benefits for people living with SCI and other diseases of the CNS including MS, ALS and stroke. It is our hope that Inteligex will become a global market leader in cell-based therapies for SCI and other diseases of the CNS.

A Message from Inteligex’s Founder

We are witnessing a revolution in medicine that hasn’t been seen since the discovery of antibiotics by Alexander Fleming in 1928. That discovery ushered in a new era allowing the treatment of bacterial infections. The results have been dramatic by significantly reducing post-surgical infection rates contributing to increased survival and recovery. We are now living in the era of regenerative medicine.

The potential is huge and promises to change surgical and non-surgical care allowing for unprecedented personalized medical interventions that will promote the recovery of patients with conditions and diseases that were once untreatable. The foundations of this revolution were laid in Toronto by the ground-breaking work of James Till and Ernest McCulloch in 1961. Their discovery of multi-potent stem cells facilitated the study of how they can develop into any and all cell types found within the human body. For over 15 years I have been researching how to adapt stem cell technology to treat Spinal Cord Injury and other diseases of the Central Nervous System.

I believe that we now possess the technology and know-how to make meaningful impact(s) in patients’ lives and transform how we treat patients within a clinical setting. I hope you will join me on this journey.

– Michael G. Fehlings, MD, PhD FRCSC FACS
Founder and President of Inteligex